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10 Essentials for a Bathing Suit Body

By Gabby Reece Round and round we go: Here comes another shorts and bathing-suit season. Are you in need of some...


16 Nutrition and Weightloss Tips by Gabby Reece

The way that the food world is set up it’s no wonder we are all reaching for too much of...


Laird Hamilton’s Big Wave Nutrition and Fitness Routine

Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton shares a day in the life of his typical nutrition and water activity schedule when a decent size swell arrives (IN SEASON NOV-MARCH). With Laird’s summer workout combination of 90 minute functional training sessions, alternated with his innovative pool workouts, is considered highly demanding by most people’s standards, it is really just a warm-up for the “real deal”. When he is back in Hanalei Bay with his fellow big wave surfers, Laird’s real work begins. Anyone who has made the journey out to Kauai to spend a few days with Laird when he is at full-tilt, has seen first-hand the intense pace he and his tow-in partners maintain when the “big swell” is in.Of course, with all Laird’s physical activity comes plenty of healthy eating and proper nutrition supplementation to make sure that he has the all essential nutrition necessary to support such an intense schedule.