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Brian Mackenzie on the Doc and Jock Podcast

Episode 61 is another doozie. Running guru, strength & conditioning coach and just general badass Brian MacKenzie joins the conversation with Doc Danny Matta and Coach Joe Szymanek. Brian fills the fellas in on what started him into the strength and conditioning world and what eventually led him to starting CrossFit Endurance. The dialogue morphs from there into a bigger conversation about CrossFit, and if it’s healthy and furthermore if spending your whole life in a gym is healthy. Which brings us to a rundown on Brian’s latest life work with Laird Hamilton, Wim Hof and Gabby Reece called XPT Life. If you are an athlete (and you all are because you all have a body) then this is a must listen. It will challenge what you think about, what you believe and what the hell your purpose is in a totally awesome and exciting way.

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  • Thanks so much to Brian for coming on the podcast. Joe and I love what XPT is doing and can’t wait to see what you guys have in the works!
    Thanks again.


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